Friday, November 23, 2007

Bikelaw -- the irrestistible impulse of crisp clear days

Today, bikelaw came in the form of an irresistible impulse, which mandated mounting the steed and heading out into the wild. Crisp, dry and crystal clear, Portland was the place to ride and the Klein, which has been lying semi dormant in the basement took advantage of the moment to argue its point. The Klein was persuasive, and under bright low morning sunshine, the bike and I headed out to the water front, where we caught the pedestrian bridge over the Willamette to the east side esplanade. From there, we sailed out to Sellwood. We crossed the Sellwood Bridge, and headed up through the cemetery, checking the views at the top, before working our way to Terwilliger to complete the descent to downtown. Stopped by the post office to pick up the post Thanksgiving mail, and overhead two gentlemen talking about the danger of bicycling in the city. "In Eastern Oregon, I think they'd be safer," one guy said. "Yea, I don't understand it," the other responded.

Meanwhile, 15,000 cyclists are converging on the city wondering how those driving cars do it, day after day. Inside, windows up, heat probably on -- stuck in traffic. I'm sorry if I offend, but today I had to bike. Under bikelaw, I was compelled to enjoy a beautiful Portland day.

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